Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lips kissing the dark
Words lost in the wind
And the feelings that my heart,
Can not continue suffering.
Here alone, without his presence.
In me only your memories
Smiles and hugs given
I know you trust my love
Because I can read in their gestures.
But for me it is not enough,
I also know that you love me
And feel the same when
The chill in your body gives you away,
When I feel strong in themselves.
His eyes closed when I touch you,
When I touch your lips, your face
And when you whisper in her ear: I love you,
You give me back the same words
Much stronger than I can say.
My words are light, pierce your soul
And make me know it's crazy for me.

Monday, April 05, 2010


If you knew that you can
Its blue, the force that has
How do I move, the influence
In mind, that moves with the body.
If you could measure the depth
The abyss, which is capable of reaching ...
In what insights can be,
If you let go and let go.
And my blue also found
His and the two could merge
In one, a single frequency ...
At the same pace.


Se você soubesse o que pode
O seu azul, a força que tem,
Como me faz mover, a influência
Na mente, que mexe com o corpo.
Se você pudesse mensurar a profundidade
Do abismo, a que é capaz de chegar...
Em que insights pode estar,
Se soltaria e se deixaria levar.
E o meu azul também encontrasse
O seu e os dois pudessem se fundir
Num só, numa só freqüência...
No mesmo ritmo.